What's the difference between a Kilim and Dhurrie?


Carpets, one of the most important decorative products of living spaces, are pieces that adapt to every taste and decoration with different colors and varieties. Hand-woven carpets, which are considered as one of the most distinguished alternatives, are also preferred because of the richness of homes and offices since the past years. Handcrafted carpets, which also include antique rugs, have always been the focus of attention with their traditional and local patterns.


Each symbol found on hand-woven carpets is called a motif, and the appearance in the general frame is called a pattern. Large and wide carpet models stand out with their use in living rooms and rooms. On the other hand, rug forms, which are among the hand woven carpet types, are generally preferred in kitchens, balconies and entrances. Different handmade carpet models that add an authentic atmosphere to the home take their place as an indispensable decoration element in many areas.

Hand-woven rugs, which have survived from ancient times and are considered as a unique art branch, have a handcrafting process that requires care and patience. Thanks to the quality of the materials used and the durability of the weaving techniques, the rugs that have been carried from ancient times to the present continue to be produced today with the continuity of workmanship. Hand-woven rugs, which have a wide place in Anatolian culture, are among the items that add a unique atmosphere to homes. The rugs, which can achieve a unique harmony with both classical and modern decoration concepts in homes, are like a legacy that can be passed on from generation to generation as they offer long-lasting use. Just like the hand-woven carpet prices, the prices of hand-woven rugs vary depending on many variables, from the region of the products to the material and size of the products.


Since rugs are woven with unique motifs and techniques in all regions, the types of rugs can be very different. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Montenegro, China, India and rugs woven in the Caucasus, is located between the popular varieties of hand-woven rugs outside Turkey. Kandahar, which is a kind of Afghanistan rug, is among the most preferred models. Rugs woven in China and India offer lower performance in terms of durability and are sold at much more affordable prices. For example, some of the Afghan rugs are less colored, but the rugs found in Anatolia are woven in many colors and in harmony. In order to understand which rug belongs to which region among hand woven rug models, it is necessary to have knowledge about the weaving techniques and motif features of the regions.


Since the rugs are very thin, made with plain weave and have no fluff on them, they do not collect much dust. Therefore, it can be cleaned by shaking and wiping the gold. Mothballs can be used to protect rugs from moths. At the same time, rugs should not be in humid and humid environments. Hand woven rug prices; It varies according to the region, strength, material, motifs and color usage of the products.


Dhurrie carpet features

These rugs are handmade. Natural dye is applied to the wooden blocks and put on the carpet, then washed with stone to give the rug a historical look. Natural dyes are better because they do not contain chemicals that are harmful to health.


These rugs are easy to clean and wash. These rugs are in your home,

It will look great in your living room, dining room, kids room, bedroom or any other living space. What's more, this carpet goes well in low and medium traffic areas of your home. The wonderful combination of color and design will enhance the beauty of your home. Ideal for cold seasons, this bedside rug will create a warm environment in your bedroom.

Famous for their rich colors, warm tones and beautiful ethnic motifs, these plain weave rugs represent a magnificent cultural mix: Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, Assyrians and Turkish peoples all contributed to the history of rugs. Dhurrie is handwoven wool and the colors make you feel at home.

This magnificent work of art is dhurrie; It can be used as carpet and climate. It can be used reversibly and from both sides. It has different and dazzling colors. Easy to clean and wash, these rugs are perfectly designed and carefully woven.


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