Turkish Rug Runner

Uniquely designed Turkish rug runners have many options for you to decorate your house however you like. These rug runners are unique and rare because their production date goes back to the 1960s and 70s. So if you want your house to have a vintage decoration, Turkish rug runners are the best choice for you.

Turkish rug runners for hallways

One of the most common areas people think of lay rug runners is hallways. They enhance the design of a hallway effortlessly. While they fill the space that bothers in that area, they also add a warm touch there.

Dependent on the size of the hallway, you can prefer one long runner or two rather short runners. It is an opportunity to show your creativity and style. There are various color and pattern options on rug runners for you to decorate your house the way you like. 

Turkish rug runners for kitchens

Another room that rug runners are usually preferred is the kitchens. If you are afraid of your kitchen to look cold and empty, Turkish rug runners are the solution. One of the reasons why they are appropriate for the kitchen is that they can be cleaned easily. We all know how important it is to have an easily maintained rug in the kitchen.

Nowadays kitchens are spacious and people often wonder how to decorate them. If that is the case, Turkish rug runners' unique style can fill the emptiness while enhancing the design. While they are perfectly suitable for traditionally designed kitchens, you can also prefer laying them in modern kitchens. 

Turkish rug runners for doorways

If you want to design your doorway to be welcoming, Turkish rug runners can add the warmness and friendly vibe you ask for. Whether the doorway of your house is narrow or spacious, it needs to be welcoming. So by choosing a Turkish rug runner, you can have an intimate environment.

No matter where you lay your rug runners, you can feel the comfort of having easily maintained and highly durable rugs. Hallways, kitchens, and doorways are high-traffic areas. So, there can be more mess than in other rooms. But fortunately, Turkish rug runners are easy to clean. Plus, the high traffic wouldn't hurt them. Because of their natural and organic structure, they are durable and long-lasting. So you can have these rug runners in your house for years without hesitation.