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Antique Oushak, now a city in Turkey, was known for its fabulous and high-quality rugs. An angular large-scale floral design is what defines these rugs. This calming design and good quality structure are what made Oushak rugs unique and special for centuries. Oushak rugs are a part of excellent house decoration for ages, and now, they can enrich your house decoration as well.

Oushak rugs to complete each room’s decoration

Oushak rugs can complete every room's decoration with their large-scale floral design. They can add more layers to every decoration idea effortlessly. Plus, their size options will give you the freedom of defining areas in your house.

You can decorate your guest room, or living room with Oushak rugs to make your guests welcome in your house. These rugs have the quality to make every room more compelling and warm. Thus, they are also perfectly appropriate for doorways.

Oushak rugs to define welcoming areas

Regardless of the volume of the room, Oushak rugs are perfect for defining warm areas. There are different sizes of rugs for you to decorate each room of your house or office. Also, you may consider choosing two small-sized rugs for a spacious room. In this way, you can define more than one area in a room. As you see, it is so simple to be creative with Oushak rugs. No matter how the wall's color or the furniture, these rugs can add a warm and friendly touch to every room by their soft colors and angular large-scale floral patterns.

Oushak rugs for designing a warm office environment

As we mentioned earlier, Oushak rugs are perfect when it comes to making a room welcoming. So, to make the workplaces more welcoming for employees and guests, these rugs would be an excellent decoration idea. Lately, more and more firms decorate their offices with rugs, and you can also join this trend for a better-looking and calming work environment.

Another reason you may want to decorate your office with Oushak rugs is their easy maintenance feature. Even though countless people would step on it during the day, it is easy to clean them. So, they wouldn't cause any difficulty.

Whether you decorate your house or your office, the more you research the more you will realize the convenience of Oushak rugs. These rugs would give every space a unique character, an individualized design, and a welcoming style.