How To Use Kilim Rug In The Kitchen ?


You can have a stylish environment with a soft and beautiful rug in your kitchen where you spend most of your time. These small details can make a big difference in your life. You can easily decide the shape, size, color and pattern of the rug you will use according to your usage area in the kitchen.
  • Rugs woven on hand looms in kitchens, the heart of your home, will increase your quality of life. 
  • Striped carpets and rugs are preferred especially in kitchens because they create a spacious and wide effect. 
  • You can choose rugs made of natural materials in oval and round forms to create a warm atmosphere.
Follow our ideas that bring season trends to your kitchen! Make use of authentic carpets to create a lively, friendly and lively atmosphere in your kitchen. It is time to reflect your personality in your kitchen with colorful and brightly colored small rugs!

Vintage Kitchen Rugs

Authentic themed colorful patterned rugs are in fashion this season. It is inevitable that you will create a strikingly stylish décor with Anatolian rugs or vintage patterned carpets, especially in spaces that are not too large such as kitchens. Choose vintage rugs in modern kitchens.

Elegean Kitchen Rugs

Go for a cottage style with a large floral-patterned kitchen rug for a rustic and cozy kitchen.

Soft Kitchen Rugs

Enjoy stepping barefoot on a soft colored and textured kitchen rug that recalls the summer days.

Traditional Kitchen Rugs

The sophisticated, feminine style of Persian rugs can be the perfect choice to make your kitchen look great.

Red Kitchen Rugs 

Red and its bold tones can be extremely striking in kitchens with retro patterns.

Romantic Kitchen Rugs

Powder shades are very trendy this season. Feel the cool and inspiring effect of an authentic Indian style bohemian rug on your kitchen with beautifully detailed elegant patterns.


  • The fact that the carpet you choose for your kitchen is water resistant and easy to wash is one of the most important factors you should pay attention to.
  • Take out small kitchen rugs in the form of rugs at regular intervals and shake them thoroughly to remove dust and crumbs. Thus, instead of washing in the machine, you will have the opportunity to use for a longer time by airing.
  • Instead of machine washing to prevent the color of the root dyed carpets from fading, it is more convenient to wipe with a good carpet shampoo and air dry. The most important issue you should pay attention to is to prevent the carpets from being exposed to direct sunlight in summer.
  • If a gentle hand-woven kitchen rug is machine-washable, you can preserve both its texture and colors for a long time by choosing cold water.
  • While working in the kitchen, you can try to remove the small stains on your carpet immediately with soda.

Which Color Should the Kitchen Rug Be?

  • For a kitchen decoration in which plain colors are preferred, a colorful kitchen carpet model provides a warmer look.
  • If you are going to choose a carpet suitable for brown kitchen cabinets and do not want to be multi-colored, you can choose a carpet in brown tones to match the color of the cabinets, and neutral colors such as milk coffee and beige. The point to consider here is that the kitchen cabinet and the carpet are in the same brown tone.
  • Warm tones such as orange and red fit well in kitchens with predominant colors such as black or gray.
  • Classic patterned carpets add a glamorous look to the kitchen.
  • On dark floors, using a carpet that is lighter than the floor adds a more spacious and vibrant look.
  • For example, burgundy-colored kitchen cabinets can be used with a red-colored kitchen rug, as well as yellow or green carpets that complement the burgundy color.
  • By choosing a kitchen rug in a color that contrasts with the color that dominates the kitchen, you can create a wonderful decoration with contrasting colors and provide an attractive appearance to the kitchen.

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