How To Repair Kilim Rug ?


It is necessary to clean your carpets regularly in order for your carpet to maintain its beauty and durability for a longer time. Many methods are used for carpet cleaning and carpet repair.

Using your carpet for a long time as it was on the first day requires being careful and conscious. Carpet maintenance and repair; It extends the life of the product by keeping the color, material and form in their original form for a longer time. So, what should be considered in carpet care?

Keep in mind that washing too often will wear out the carpet. So, instead of washing, prefer regular and frequent vacuuming. Vacuuming carpets every two days with a high-suction vacuum cleaner is sufficient for effective cleaning. In order to vacuum dust better, make sure that the absorbent nozzle is brushed and sweep in the direction of the carpet yarns.

In cases such as liquid spills, you should remove the stain source from the carpet as soon as possible to prevent permanent stains. Tamping with paper towels of sufficient thickness is an ideal intervention method for liquid spillage. If there are traces left after removing the stain source on the carpet, you can use a suitable stain remover.

For general cleaning, while wiping the carpet, mix water and a mild shampoo and use the foam of this mixture. Using detergent water can cause stains on the carpet. In addition, detergent residue can settle at the bottom of the carpet yarns and damage the carpet in the long run.

You should carefully choose the equipment you will use for cleaning. It is very important to choose the chemicals that will take part in the deletion process. Never use substances such as bleach or hard surface cleaner in carpet cleaning.

In routine cleaning and stain removal, it is useful to choose carpet-specific products. Even if the product is made specifically for the carpet, be sure to try the product in an invisible part of the carpet before applying. Some points about carpet care are important not only when using the carpet but also when it is out of use.

Avoid folding the carpet during transport. Folding can cause permanent marks and damage to the product. The appropriate method; It is carrying or storing the carpet by turning it into a roll.

Make sure that the environment where you store the carpet is free of moisture and dense dust. Being in a place with direct sunlight for a long time will also seriously damage the carpet.

The corrosive effect of time is not the only factor that causes the carpet to lose its first-day form. Wrong cleaning methods and insufficient cleaning also spoil the structure and appearance of the carpet. The first guide you will get help with cleaning and maintenance of the carpet is of course the instructions for use. These instructions are specific to the product, so you can find out here how to use it best for your carpet.

One of the common mistakes observed among users is not reading the user manuals. Remember, the cost of taking the time to review the manual can be paid when the product soon becomes unusable or loses quality. Sweeping is the cleaning method you are responsible for as the user. For a deeper cleaning, you should seek professional help. Using your own means, washing with water by hand will damage the yarns and dye. The best way to make cleaning easier is to do it often enough, that is, not to allow dirt to build up.

Vacuuming the carpet frequently enough prevents dust and other contaminants from settling on the floor. In cases that cause stains such as liquid spills, the carpet should be cleaned as soon as possible. This prevents staining or allows the stain to be removed easily. If any stain causing liquid is spilled on your carpet, first remove the liquid with a vacuum cleaner. Then wipe the contaminated area with a damp cloth. If there is a contaminant such as oil, you can wipe it with cleaning products specially developed for carpets or a natural soap. However, you need to pay attention to rinsing such products with detergent content so that they do not leave any residue.

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