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Floss Silk Rug 4x6

Floss Silk Rug 4x6

Floss Silk Rug  4x6 125,178 - Turkish Carpet Rug
Floss Silk Rug 4x6

Product Code : 4137
Size : 4'1" x 5'10" ( 125cm x 178cm )
Material : Cotton, Silk

Product Price : 850,00 USD

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Product Details

This carpet rug was made by using double knotted weaving technique. The rug is made of floss silk. It belongs to 1960s. When we consider the economic status of Turkey back in the days, I would say it meant to be used at one palace or one of the most luxurious houses in Turkey. These types of rugs are generally in small sizes, but this rug is about 9 square meters which is so big for this type. It is an extraordinary piece and this is one of a few pieces from Turkish heritage. The pictures show 90-95 percent the same as in person, but this rug has different looking from different  sides due to its material. Even though it is an old piece, it did not have any holes or stains on it. Therefore, there was no restoration on the rug, but the rug got washed and cleaned professionally. Hope, this rug will find  good space in your palace :)